About Us

We are GIBSON!

We are part of a community. Led by an international management team, we work in level hierarchies and unburdened by paralysing company histories. Working in cross-border networks and product-oriented teams, we develop and produce innovative products and solutions for motocross and enduro sport. The absolute passion and enthusiasm for this sport unites all employees of Gibson® – with a particularly far-reaching consequence for all areas of our company:

“We don’t have a target group – We are the target group”

says Josh Plews, the founder of GIBSON® and himself an active motocross enthusiast. From Cheltenham, UK, he heads up the development and production unit of the GIBSON® TYRE TECH division. In recent years, he and his team have developed a complete portfolio for motocross and enduro sport: The „MX Series“ for motocross and the „TECH Series“ for ambitious enduro riders. With both series, he has optimised the tread and rubber compound specifically for the respective purpose. The tyres in the MX Series are intended exclusively for competition. TECH Series tyres are used in enduro sport and have all received the necessary road approval. The tyre type „TECH 6.2“ has received FIM approval for roadworthy enduro motorcycles. Josh and his team take part in many r aces themselves and come into direct contact with the rider s and teams. The findings of the weekend are therefore incorporated directly in the development work of the GIBSON® development team.

Through close cooperation with the sports enthusiasts and team technicians, the GIBSON® team also developed the idea of making something good much better: the patented GIBSON® SPEEDY MOUSSE.Its patented constrictions result in significantly enhanced product characteristics versus conventional technologies and it is also the perfect complement to the GIBSON® TYRE TECH tyre.

Jens Engelking, responsible for global sales at GIBSON® POWER TECH, is not only fast on two tyres on the road and over tricky terrain – he is also an experienced tyre specialist whose veins appear to flow with black blood.

Through Gerd Frey, who has been closely associated with motor – bike racing for many years, GIBSON® has now become a member of the internationally active Niemann+Frey Groupe.